These are the years for establishing a foundation for a long, healthy life.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    • Eat a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and protein
    • Include calcium for overall bone health
    • Hydrate with water vs sugary drinks
    • Regular physical activity

Studies have shown that inactive teens have weaker bones than those who are physically active. And too many sodas can adversely affect not only weight, but also bone structure. One study by Harvard School of Public Health showed that 15-17 year old girls who were already showing signs of bone loss were the same ones who drank significant amounts of carbonated beverages everyday. 1
These are the years when bones should be increasing in size and mass. Instead of building a strong bone mass, too many kids are actually losing bone mass. Chronic dieting and actual eating disorders can also contribute to bone loss, as well as teen obesity. This underscores why it is so important to build healthy lifestyle habits at a young age.

Shaklee solutions for this stage

Vitalizer Women

Vitalizer™ is supplementation made simple. This clinically supported solution packs advanced nutrition into a convenient, go-anywhere Vita-Strip™. Vitalizer provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy probiotics -- using a patented delivery system specially designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients in your body.


OsteoMatrix® is a specially formulated blend of critical nutrients including calcium, Vitamins D & K, and magnesium to help build bone density when you’re young and minimize bone loss as you age.*


OmegaGuard provides a full spectrum of seven ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 essential fatty acids, naturally found in small, cold-water fish. Small size for easier swallowing.