This is the last of the four-part series. Men need to know there are steps they can take to change the course of their health. The first two things men should know are pretty easy. Number 3 is just as easy.

3. Fish Oil: Sharpen Your Mind

omegaguardYou’ve probably seen recent headlines claiming that fish oil supplements may not help to protect your heart. Dig into the research, though, and you’ll see that some small studies show that fish oil doesn’t help those with heart disease — but doctors and researchers alike still believe that omega-3-rich supplements keep the hearts of otherwise healthy men in good shape, possibly preventing heart attacks. “We know that omega-3s, such as DHA and EPA found in fish oil, lower triglycerides, reduce inflammation, stabilize heart rhythms, and, at higher intakes, help prevent blood clotting,” Manson says.

Aside from heart-health benefits, fish oil, she adds, may also sharpen brain function, boost mood, and reduce depression. Several studies suggest it could even help stave off Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, Manson says, “because of its anti-inflammatory effects, fish oil may help ease muscle and joint aches and make skin look younger.”

If you’re not eating fatty fish like salmon and mackerel two or three times a week, Lipman says it’s safe to assume you’re deficient in omega-3s. “Fish oil is an easy way to make up for them,” he says.

How Much You Need: Aim to get one to three grams of DHA and EPA per day, taken any time of day. Capsule sizes vary, and liquid fish oil tends to be more potent, so be vigilant about label-reading, because there is a small risk of internal bleeding if you go above four grams per day.

Shaklee’s Answer:  OmegaGuard

In fact here’s some important information when you are shopping for fish oil. Look for the following:

  • Quality Company: Not all fish oil is created equal. Find a company you can trust that has a long history of quality production  (Shaklee has a history… a good one.)
  • Molecular Distillation:  This process places the fish oil under a vacuum, which allows it to boil at a much lower temperature (protecting it from damage). Molecular distillation allows for EPA and DHA to be removed and the heavy metals left behind. A benefit of the process is that the EPA/DHA is concentrated and fishy odor/taste is reduced. When done correctly, molecular distillation is capable of reducing the toxins in fish oil to levels considered to be safe by the EPA and other agencies. (This is how Shaklee distills their fish oil.)
  • Small Fish: Bioaccumulation occurs when toxins accumulate as we move up the food chain. A small amount of a toxin is no problem in a small fish, but as a larger fish eats thousands of small fish, it now has accumulated more of that toxin. When still larger fish now eats hundreds of those fish, toxins concentrate even more. Companies using small fish help to reduce the bioaccumulation of toxins.
  • Sustainability: Fisheries must be managed to ensure we have a good source of fish oil well into the future. Friends of the Sea is an international conservation organization that sets strict criteria for sustainability. Friends of the Sea only certify products made from fish stocks that are not overexploited. Attention is paid to population size and catch limits and avoiding harvesting at spawning time.Suggested by Dr. Bruce Daggy

What’s Left?

first-aid-kitTrying to convince a man that he shouldn’t be a daredevil, that he should “be more careful”. That’s going to be a whole lot harder than adding 3 supplements to his daily regimen. Buy helmets? Wrap him in bubble wrap?

The goal is to maximize health and be able to enjoy life to its fullest. Doesn’t that have to involve a little risk? We salute men and their gung-ho attitude. Our world just wouldn’t be the same without it. You may need to stock up on some band-aids though.


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