Why don’t men live longer?

There is a remarkable discrepancy between the health & survival of the sexes: men are physically stronger and have fewer disabilities; but have substantially higher mortality at all ages compared with women: the so-called male-female health-survival paradox.

 Since around the 1990’s, it has been noted that “Gender differences in mortality and morbidity undoubtedly exist… There is increasing evidence that many of the patterns observed stem from differences in health-related behavior, attitudes and beliefs of men.

What are the causes?


Check it out. The first two are health related, the last is lifestyle and attitude. Here’s some insight on the first two reasons that we may not think about. Women have stronger social networks. Its been proven that people with strong social connections have a 50% lower chance of dying than those with few social ties.

Secondly, women take better care of their health. Men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the past year and are 22% more likely to skip out on cholesterol testing. More than a quarter (28%) of all men don’t have a regular physician.

What are the solutions?

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