Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
Shingles is a disease from the same virus (Varicella zoster) that causes chicken pox. It is often preceded by a few days of pain in the affected area. Then acute, painful inflamed blisters form on one side of the trunk, neck or face along a peripheral nerve. These blisters usually last two to three weeks before they crust over and heal. If shingles develops near the eyes, the cornea can become affected, and blindness may result.  Immediately consult a doctor. Shingles usually affects the elderly or people with prolonged stress, compromised immune function from toxicity, prescription drugs or nutritional deficiencies. Nerve pain that persists after other symptoms have cleared is called post-herpetic neuralgia and may require electro-acupuncture to restore the nerve; however, nutrition and wise supplementation are key to building your immune system and restoring health.

Dietary considerations
Limit L-arginine-containing foods such as wheat products, dairy products, rice, nuts and seeds, chocolate and corn. Citrus will slow healing so eliminate all these foods.  Keep the body well-hydrated with pure water, herbal teas, vegetable soups and juices. Avoid soft drinks, processed foods, sugary foods, caffeine and high-fat or fried foods to reduce toxins and build the immune system.

Shaklee supplement recommendations

For healing nerves which are irritated and angry causing pain:
*Shaklee B-Complex  (very important to restore calm to the nerves
*Shaklee OmegaGuard (Omega3 promotes healing of nerve tissue)

For overall health and wellness
*Shaklee VitaLea Multi-vitamin/mineral 
Shaklee Life Energizing Shake

*B-Complex, OmegaGuard and VitaLea Multi-vitamin/minerals are available individually, but are also available in the convenient Shaklee Vitalizer strip. 

For building a stronger immune system to fight the virus:
Formula I
Defend & Resist Complex

One factor that many people do not consider, is the fact that when shingles appears and you can see it, there is also internally the same kind of damage. It is very important to continue to heal even after the external signs of shingles have disappeared.  Otherwise, there is continued pain and a higher risk of recurrence.