Guest post by Mike Roebuck, Shaklee Independent Distributor

detox-titleEverything that is not pure Air, Water or Food is a Toxin to our body. Lets face it we are bombarded every minute of every day with toxins we cannot escape from. Just think of all the different types of additives in our foods and drinks we have every day. Just think of the Air we breathe and all the contaminates that it contains like exhaust, dust, chemicals and poisons. Water is contaminated on purpose to get rid of harmful bacteria. So you see, we really do need to detoxify every now and then to reduce the build up in our body which takes its toll on our immune system.

First of all I would reevaluate my habits, to reduce the amount of intake of the very toxins for mentioned.  Change the types of drinks (you know what they are) that do you no good. Change to less processed foods loaded with additives. Change to filtered water to reduce poisons like floride and chlorine.

Accumulated toxins that are weakening our immune system and making us sick in so many different ways, from allergy symptoms to headaches to cancer.These chemicals will eventually take their toll. How can we eliminate these accumulated toxins?

First: Pure water and lots of it, and if you don’t mind it, a squeeze of fresh lemon is even more effective.
Second: A combination of Shaklee fiber and Herblax to cleanse the colon.
Third: Liver DTX Complex with the colon cleanse… it is a perfect time to use this one.

Contact us your for suggestions on specifics how many and how often.

Even though there are a lot of other products in the Shaklee line that would also be helpful, the ones mentioned above will make you feel so much better. Remember, a Health consultation with us will assure a more personal program for you.

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