Let the holidays be a happy time.

The holidays is the most difficult time of year not only to not eat the WRONG things, but to remember to eat the RIGHT things. Starting with walking past all of that Halloween candy that is now 75% off… up to not taking that 3rd helping of Mom’s famous cornbread dressing.

Plus, we get so busy we do the worst thing possible, which is not to eat anything at all for most of the day; then have a huge meal at night (along with some of that fruitcake that your uncle sent).

Sleep? Who has time to sleep. There’s parties to go to. There’s gifts to buy. There’s all those cards to get addressed. And work. Don’t forget to get up every morning and go to work!

Need some help on what makes good sleep habits?

It’s all about choices. Choosing what you eat. Choosing when you sleep. Have you thought about what you choose to fight about?

CHOOSE to fight the flu. We don’t spend enough effort to get our immune system in shape to fight off all those germs and viruses that run rampant in the winter months.

CHOOSE whether you are going to challenge that crazy Aunt Emily on whether her jello recipe really is the best or Uncle George on the latest political tweet! Let yourself be the one who chooses to be in control of their emotions and their tongue. Let yourself breathe. Let yourself laugh. Let yourself love.