Shaklee Bone-Builder OsteoMatrix

Supplement with Shaklee’s bone builders.
Vita-Lea and OsteoMatrix
will give your body what it needs to maintain ~ and even build ~ stronger bones. Your bones are the result of a process requiring more than just calcium.  We love the chart at the bottom of this page, because it is simple and clearly shows that you need calcium, magnesium, D, K and more.

Shaklee supplements are perfect combination formulas to give you what you need daily:

  • Take 1 VitaLea + 1 OsteoMatrix at breakfast
  • Take 1 VitaLea + 1 OsteoMatrix at lunch or dinner
  • 2 OsteoMatrix at bedtime ~ not only build bone, but also a natural muscle relaxant for more restful sleep

Any questions? We are here to help and inspire you to build stronger and healthier bones!

4 rules for taking calcium:

  1. Some people argue the benefits of calcium carbonate vs calcium citrate, because both have merit so guess what?  Shaklee OsteoMatrix includes both calcium carbonate and citrate.
  2. Calcium should be taken in doses of 500 mg or less at one time. Four (4) Shaklee OsteoMatrix caplets = 1000 mg so you can easily divide the doses.
  3. Calcium must dissolve so that it can be absorbed by the body. If it does not dissolve, we call it a “brick”. Shaklee OsteoMatrix is in an easy-to-swallow caplet that will dissolve and breakdown easily.
  4. Bones are constantly changing, but it is a slow process. Maintaining healthy bones or reversing bone loss is a process. It’s not once-and-done. Along with our bone-building supplements, be as active as possible.  You cannot sit at a computer all day. Weight-bearing exercises like walking, lifting weights or using resistance bands are great because you can start by exercising to fatigue, then you will notice how much stronger your muscles become which in turn is an indication of building your bones.

A word about medications

Every medication has one or multiple potential side effects. Many prescriptions may even prove to be detrimental to your bones.  Some of the most common drugs for bones are in fact building “weak bones” or what is called “brittle bones”.  This is a real problem!   With a natural approach and our Bone Building Supplements, you are not only giving your body what it needs to build strong bones, you are reaping many other health benefits ~ not side effects!

You are never too young or too old to think about building healthy bone

Your bones are like a bank account where you are daily making deposits and withdrawals. Making more deposits than withdrawal will make your bones stronger. Making more withdrawals than deposits will make your bones weaker. Bones grow stronger until age 30 when your body starts to naturally remodel by losing bone faster than they are being built. However, this process is not a deficiency of a medication. It just means that if you build really strong bones when you are younger, you will have more bone available because you have already made a lot of deposits into your bone bank account.

You are never too young to think about your bone density and you are never too old to rebuild bone. Start today!