Proof – what does that mean?

At Shaklee it means, studies.  We are proud of the integrity of these studies.

The first one is called the Landmark Study which validates measurable results from supplementing with Shaklee nutrition.  The Landmark Study was led by Dr. Gladys Block at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

The foundation of the second study is based on research which earned Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine.  Dr. Blackburn is a member of Shaklee’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Landmark Study

UC Berkeley conducted one of the largest studies of long-term supplementation and found that Shaklee supplement users had markedly better health than non-supplement users as well as:

  • 11% lower cholesterol ratios, a key marker for cardiovascular health
  • 33% lower levels of triglycerides, a critical biomarker for heart health
  • 36% lower levels of homocysteine, an indicator of brain and cognitive health
  • 59% lower levels of c-reactive protein, a key biomarker for long term biological stress
  • Substantially higher levels of nutrients in the blood
Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn ~ 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn ~ 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine

Telomere Study

Telomeres are protective caps of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes. Over time, our telomeres gradually become shorter and telomere length is thought to be a marker of overall health. In a preliminary clinical study, Shaklee users who took Vivix and other Shaklee supplements for at least 5 years had a 40% lower rate of telomere shortening across the adult age range compared to a healthy control group.*

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Shaklee Scientific Board Advisor, was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine for the discovery of an enzyme that lengthens and protects chromosomes.

A statistical analysis projects that an 80 year old Shaklee user would have the same telomere length as a 41 year old.

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