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Proven by Science—The research behind the new Shaklee Life Plan
The Life Plan has 35 patents and patents pending.

Feel amazing in 30 days, guaranteed:
In an independent in-home usage test** of Life Plan™ products, 94% of participants reported a positive result afterjust 30 days of usage. Results included:

  • Feeling better                                                               •  Feeling energized
  • Feeling more active                                                     •  Feeling less hunger

Landmark Study‡

Shaklee scientists have published 125 scientific papers and presentations including the Landmark Study, which was conducted by UC Berkeley and remains one of the largest studies ever on long-term supplement users. Shaklee supplement users had markedly better biomarkers of health for benefits in heart, brain, and cognitive health compared to non-supplement users. Shaklee had a 2X number of users who rated their health “very good to excellent”:
• 11% lower cholesterolratios, a key markerfor cardiovascular health
• 33% lowerlevels of triglycerides, a critical biomarkerfor heart health
• 36% lowerlevels of homocysteine, an indicator of brain and cognitive health
• 59% lowerlevels of c-reactive protein, a key biomarkerforlong term biological stress

Telomere Study

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Shaklee Scientific Board Advisor, was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine forthe discovery of telomerase, enzymes that lengthen telomeres and protect chromosomes. Over time, our telomeres gradually become shorter and telomere length is thought to be a marker of overall health.
• Shaklee conducted a preliminary telomere study that compared people using Shaklee supplements for at least five years to healthy nonsmokers living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and showed that the rate of telomere shortening in Shaklee users was 40% lowerthan the healthy control group.∞
• A statistical analysis projects that an 80-year-old Shaklee user would have the same telomere length as a 41-year-old.∞

Proven by People—Our Shaklee users and Shaklee athletes

Shaklee has millions of users across the globe who trust Shaklee for nutrition to improve their health. Many Shaklee users have been customers for decades and tell inspiring stories of their life transformations.

Our athletes, who have won more than 120 gold, silver and bronze medals at the Games, use Shaklee because they not only get the performance and efficacy they need to compete, but also the purity and quality of our products that are guaranteed safe.


100% Guaranteed

We stand behind every single one of our products. We believe in the purity, potency, and
performance of all of our products, and we back it with a 100% guarantee.