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Life Plan Comparison

Life Plan Vitalizing Plan Essentials Plan
Less than $7.35/Day* Less than $5/Day* Less than $2.60/Day*
No artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives  yes  yes  yes
Based on 7 clinical studies  yes  yes  yes
Includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals  yes  yes  yes
Includes omega-3  yes  yes  yes
Includes prebiotics and patented probiotics  yes  yes  yes
100% non-GMO plant based protein  yes  yes  yes
Includes added carotenoids  yes  yes
Includes added B&C vitamins  yes  yes
Based on Landmark Study  yes  yes
Based on Telomere Study  yes
Includes OmegaGuard® Plus  yes
Includes Vivix® Liquigels for Cellular Health  yes

With Shaklee, there’s a plan for every budget – for every life.

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