Great! You’ve signed up for the Shaklee Healthy Cleanse. Now it’s time to plan your menu with delicious meals and snacks.

Study the Healthy Cleanse Guide which came with your products. Study meaning read every word with a pen in hand and making notes of key ingredients in the plan such as what are foods to eat and foods to avoid. If you did not receive the guide as part of your Shaklee order, view SHAKLEE HEALTHY CLEANSE GUIDE ONLINE or download a copy of the pdf and print if you would like to have a paper copy.
Either way is great, but do this first step FIRST!


Plan what days you will be able to implement your Healthy Cleanse plan.  If it’s impossible to plan seven consecutive days, then start with three consecutive days.  In fact, we recommend planning your meals and snacks for only three days to start, then after the first couple of days, you will be able to make changes so that you are flexible because while the cleanse is going to eliminate certain foods from your diet, there are still infinite possibilities on what you can eat.

Begin to plan your menu with healthy meals and snacks.  You will find our suggestions and ideas below with recipes and simple ways to prepare healthy food. We believe that after the Healthy Cleanse, you will continue to enjoy many of these meals on a regular basis so Bon Apetit!  Food never tasted so good!


Baked Egg in Avocado     (we recommend a small egg or scoop some of the avocado out to make a bigger shell)

Poached Chicken with Bok Choy in Ginger Broth (don’t miss the excellent video with this recipe)

Honey Roasted Pork Chops with Swish Chard & Sweet Potato Mash

Lemon Chicken on the Run  ~ Kathy’s recipe!

Salmon baked or poached with a nice salad

Shaklee 180 Fat-free Salad Dressing

Roasted Radishes & Carrots


Upon rising, drink a glass of lukewarm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Warm a washcloth and hold over your face and breath. Stretch.

eggs ~ boiled, soft cooked, scrambled or baked in avocado (recipe above)
steamed and stir fried kale seasoned with vinegar and with egg on the side  ~ this is like rocket fuel for your metabolism
berry fruit cup
melon fruit cup

Lunch or Dinner:
See recipes or have a salad with a large variety of vegetables.

We like pairing a fruit and vegetable so that every bite of fruit has a bite of vegetable.
Carrots & apples
Cauliflower & pineapple
Asparagus & strawberries
Bell peppers ~ green, yellow & orange
Cherry tomatoes chopped with balsamic vinegar & pepper

Remember to eat every 2 hours and you will not get hungry. Drink glasses of water throughout the day.

Text, call or send up a flare!  We think you will love this plan and that it will be the beginning of a whole new world of wellness for you.  Start with three days and keep us posted on any questions you have.  We’re here to help!