A diagnosis of mononucleosis is an opportunity to experience first hand how high-quality nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can rebuild your health quickly from an illness that can typically cause weakness and fatigue for not only days, but weeks, sometimes months. These Shaklee products build health by giving your immune system what it needs to recover from mono.


  • Immunity Formula I  #20241  SRP: $22.45   60 ct.   3/day
    • We love this product because it is a combination of nine ingredients needed to build a healthy immune system. In a soft-gel capsule, it is easy to swallow which we feel is really nice when you aren’t feeling well.
  • Defend & Resist  #20613      SRP:  $20.35   90 ct.   6/day
    • Dissolve in Performance to make a soothing drink.  We call it “Russian Tea”; because it is great for colds and flu, but it boosts your immune system to fight viral and bacterial infections of all kinds.  The tablets are a blend of botanicals including echinacea, elderberry and larchtree.  This product is Shaklee integrity at its best.  Nothing left to chance with herbs that are grown, harvested and processed with strict standards and care to ensure their potency and safety.
  • Performance  #20498 Lemon-Lime OR #20499 Orange      SRP: $45.40    Value Size makes 5 gallons
    • Performance was originally developed in 1987 for a “great adventure” called the Daedalus project which was a 72-mile man-powered flight over the Aegean Sea. This flight was the equivalent of running three back-to-back marathons. In 1993, Shaklee developed a rehydration drink for NASA for Shuttle astronauts called Astro-Aide, still used today. This customized formulation is a version of Performance. Performance is in Shaklee’s sports nutrition line, but it is more than that. It provides stamina and builds energy with all-natural ingredients. NO artificial colors or flavors and no caffeine.
  • VitaLea Multi-Vitamin/mineral  #20286 SRP: $27.10   120 ct.   2/day
    • High-quality foundation for building healthy cells.
  • Sustained Release Vita-C  #20095   SRP:  $25.50   180 ct.    3/day
    • Vitamin C is water-soluble so it is not stored in your body. Shaklee’s Sustained Release Vitamin C releases vitamin c for a full 12-hour period so that it is like eating an orange and a half every hour for 12 hours. Also available in 100 mg chewable tablets that are not sustained release, but chewable for those who do not like to swallow tablets.
  • OptiFlora Pre/Probiotic    #80638      SRP:  $33.60   30 ct.     1/day
    • Shaklee’s OptiFlora guarantees the delivery of live bacteria to the colon. Requires no refrigeration and can be taken with or without food. The probiotic will repopulate the colon with good bacteria while the prebiotic will supply special nutritional support so the flora can grow and multiply.  It is a matter of real estate.  Good bacteria in the colon strengthens a high-functioning, super-strong immune system.

IMPORTANT!  While recovering from Mono, it is important to rest as much as possible in the early days and weeks. It is important to stay hydrated. It is also important to not eat any junk food.  Eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables and high-quality protein as possible.  As you regain your strength and appetite, avoid the temptation to “treat” yourself to the wrong kind of food.  Your body knows the difference between good food and junk food.  It will respond to good food.

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