bryanpickryl UTOnce upon a time, a young man in high school was diagnosed with mononucleosis. It was the beginning of his senior year. He was a high caliber strongside defensive end and had been working out all summer at football practice with aspirations to play football at a major university.  Many were already seeking his commitment to play at the next level.  But it doesn’t matter very much if you are 6’6″ 225 and are ranked as the 38th best football player in the nation if you find yourself weak and too sick to play.

When football season was about to start, he was diagnosed with mono. Oh no!  He was exhausted.  He was sick and tired. There was no amount of inner motivation or perseverance that could help him muster the strength to play football on ANY level. His mom and I prayed and put our heads together to come up with not only a plan for him to get well enough to go back to school as soon as possible, but a plan for him reach his full potential as a much-sought-after college football star.

This experience, as well as many others, made me keenly aware that high-quality nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle can build and rebuild health.  But I am convinced that not all products on the market today are created equal.  I am convinced that if  this young man would have done the same thing with an over-the-counter product from a discount store or even from the health food store, he would have not seen the same results.  Our bodies know the difference and when given superior nutrition, they will heal and repair in superior ways.

You may already be aware of the risks involved with mono.  We won’t cover those here; but suffice to say that if left to an approach of “wait and see”, some people can struggle with fatigue for a very long time. Even when they feel better after resting, they can tire very quickly when they try to return to their normal routine.  Some can have a relapse that will set them back if they try to do too much too soon.

Oh yes, our story has a very happy ending.  This high school student was excused from practice for a couple of weeks, but because of the game schedule and his vigilance to take care of himself, he only missed one game and was recruited by the University of Texas on a football scholarship.

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Don’t you love a good story….with a happy ending!

Bryan Pickryl @ JenksPickryl ready to lead Jenks title run

MURRAY EVANS 11/01/2001


Bryan Pickryl has battled injuries and illness much of the past two seasons, but that hasn’t stopped the Jenks (Okla.) defensive end from becoming one of the nation’s best.If it hasn’t been one thing keeping Bryan Pickryl out of the Jenks (Jenks, Okla.) lineup, it’s been another.

Last season, a hand injury sidelined Pickryl during Jenks’ four playoff games, but the Trojans still managed to win their fifth straight Class 6A title. This season, Pickryl first battled mononucleosis, and when he’d recovered from that, he suffered a torn labrum in his right shoulder, an injury which eventually will require surgery.

Both situations caused him to miss time, although he now appears geared up to lead the Trojans in the state playoffs, which start next week.

“I’ve played the last three games without a (shoulder) brace,” said the 6-foot-5, 225-pound Pickryl, who is No. 41 on Student Sports’ Hot 100 list of the nation’s top prep football recruits. “I’ve been pretty lucky.”


Lucky, indeed!  Hard work and a healthy lifestyle pays off ~ every time!

Our goal is to build health and strengthen our bodies so we can be at our best every day.

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