Technically speaking, menopause is defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period and marks the end of menstrual cycles.  What happens during the transition from a monthly cycle to them disappearing completely is called “peri-menopause” and just as your body adjusted and changed during puberty, your body is naturally adjusting and changing preparing for menopause.  Our natural health solutions – The Twin Approach – are helpful during peri-menopause as well as true menopause.


  • can happen in your 40’s or 50’s, but the average age is 51 in the United States.
  • may bring unpleasant physical symptoms such as disruption of your sleep, lower energy, anxiety or feelings of sadness.
  • may cause discomfort to serious health issues if left unchecked.  Some of the most common symptoms are hot flashes, bone density, disrupted sleep, lower sex drive, dryness (everywhere), hair loss, aging skin, and weak nails

“Oh no!” you say, “I don’t want to sign up for that.”  But read our MENOPAUSE MOTTO below.  We are here to help, support and inspire you!  Menopause is natural so it makes sense to turn to nature for solutions to everything you may be experiencing.   For learn more about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its history and demise, click Better Health Guide > > > Menopause is listed.

Our MENOPAUSE MOTTO:  Look good, feel great! You go, girl!


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