If you’re a father, you are “the one.”  To a child, you are their everything.  In the season finale of NCIS, Tony Dinozzo resigned (or you could say exited the show) with these words of wisdom about being a father: “I’m everything to that little girl and I’ve never been anybody’s everything.”

Live a healthier life so that you can be everything to your child!  Children need your love, your strength, your guidance, protection, and your example. Make it healthy so you will be there ~ now and for a very long time!

Vitalizer for Men
• Heart health—with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E
• Prostate health—with lycopene, plus zinc
• Immune health—high in vitamins C and D, plus zinc
• Physical energy—high in all eight essential B vitamins
• Joint health—high in vitamin C, plus manganese
• Muscle function—high in magnesium, plus calcium
• Digestive health—with probiotics
• Healthy blood pressure—with omega-3 fatty acids
and magnesium
• Healthy vision—with lutein and zeaxanthin

*Featured photo by Colin Bowern 2012