Seven of Time-Life Books’ 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time were powered by Shaklee products

Shaklee has been redefining the limits of human physical performance for years. We helped power the first American ascent up Mount Everest, fueled record-breaking polar expeditions, and propelled the longest human-powered flight across the Aegean Sea – a feat that has never been duplicated to this day. In 1993, Shaklee developed AstroAide for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. This uniquely formulated re-hydration drink was used by shuttle astronauts until the program ended in 2011. Our products have been proven by world class athletes who, together, have won more than 120 gold, silver, and bronze medals.

The most enlightening proof of all is in the 20 million real people just like you who have lived healthier, more productive lives because of Shaklee. We can help you get ready for your next adventure and take us with you everywhere!

Let’s go exploring!!!  ~ Calvin

Calvin and Hobbes "Let's go exploring!"