Eight out of ten Americans get less than the recommended intake of magnesium in their diets. are you one of them?


Processing food and softening water strip magnesium out of most food sources. This magnesium shortfall is compounded because many people aren’t aware of its importance and almost never give second thoughts to the amount of magnesium in their diets. But magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, according to the National Institutes of Health.Vital to heart health, magnesium helps to keep a steady heart rhythm and retain normal blood pressure. It’s also critical for helping maintain normal muscle and nerve function, supporting a healthy immune system, and keeping bones strong. What’s more, magnesium has also been linked to reducing symptoms of PMS.

Early signs of magnesium deficiency include

loss of appetite, headache, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. An ongoing magnesium deficiency can lead to more serious symptoms, including:

  • Numbness and tingling
  • Muscle contractions and cramps
  • Seizures
  • Personality changes
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Coronary spasms

So what can Shaklee VitalMag do for you?

VitalMag is a proprietary formula and gel-diffusion delivery system bring all of these benefits:
• Promotes cardiovascular health and steady heart rhythm5,6
• Helps retain normal blood pressure and blood sugar2
• Helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function1,4
• Strengthens bones
• May provide relief from PMS symptoms, including water retention, breast tenderness3,
and bloating

What is Different About Shaklee VitalMag

• Easy on your digestive system Our special gel-diffusion delivery system gently releases nutrients into your body over four to six hours. This helps prevent the gastrointestinal upset that’s commonly associated with magnesium supplements.
• Proprietary formula In addition to a proprietary blend of magnesium from three sources,VitalMag’s formula includes potassium for proper nerve transmission, normal muscle contraction and heart health, as well as boron to aid in bone metabolism and magnesium utilization*
• Incorporate into any health regimen
– Formulated to be taken on its own or together with other Shaklee products
– Designed to be incorporated into healthy lifestyles supporting bone health, heart health,
women’s health, blood sugar regulation, stress and mood management, and joint health

Can You Benefit From VitalMag

• Eight out of ten Americans who don’t get the recommended amounts of magnesium,
especially older people
• Those who take prescription drugs that inhibit magnesium absorption
• Those under physical or mental stress (Stress may lower the body’s magnesium stores, which
can enhance the impact of stress on the body).
• Those who smoke or who consume high quantities of alcohol
• People who regularly eat processed and refined foods
• Those with diets low in green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains
• Those who find other magnesium supplements upset their digestive system


The recommended serving of VitalMag is one 200 mg tablet daily.VitalMag has been specifically designed to prevent the gastrointestinal upset associated with immediate release magnesium supplements for some sensitive individuals. However, for best results, spread your intake of products that contain magnesium throughout the day.

Natural Magnesium Supplement – VitalMag

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Size: 30 Tablets

For the 80% of Us Who Don’t Get Enough Magnesium

VitalMag’s proprietary blend includes elemental magnesium from three different sources. Our blend has added potassium for proper nerve transmission, normal muscle contraction, and heart health, plus boron to aid in bone metabolism and magnesium utilization.*• Helps retain normal blood pressure and a steady heartbeat*
• Helps retain normal blood sugar*
• May provide relief from PMS symptoms including water retention, breast tenderness, and bloating*
• Easy on your digestive systemEasy on your digestive system!  The gel-diffusion delivery system in VitalMag® is designed to prevent gastrointestinal upset commonly associated with magnesium supplements by slowly releasing nutrients over four to six hours.