Strengthening. Life-changing. But the wonder of living abroad doesn’t come without its difficulties.

Living abroad is not a walk in the park, but the rules for good health are universal.  Eat well, get plenty of rest and reduce stress as much as possible. But since it’s not always possible, here are important steps in prevention and staying healthy, as well as time-tested natural remedies.  Shaklee products, of course!

We love Shaklee’s probiotic called OptiFlora. It is guaranteed to deliver good live bacteria to your colon which is where it must be for health benefits. It doesn’t do any good if the bacteria isn’t alive in the bottle or if it isn’t alive when it travels through your stomach. That’s why the delivery system of OptiFlora is, well, so optimum!  Good bacteria is a natural introduction of good flora that will keep the body in balance in a strange world of foreign microbials.
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VitaLea Multi-Vitamin/mineral
Probably one of Shaklee’s most amazing products because of the number of quality control tests on every batch ~ over 300 to ensure quality and integrity of each ingredient. We love the spiralina coating that makes the tablets easy to swallow.  Each serving includes a good amount of calcium and the RDA for essential nutrients. Ones that you need every day.
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Natural Medicine Chest
Probably the two favorites for families with children are Alfalfa and Vita-C Sustained Release. These two products can be crushed into applesauce or other foods and will help with colds or respiratory issues. The magical naturally occurring nutrient in Alfalfa is chlorophyll. Shaklee’s sustained release Vita-C is even better than time release, which is especially important for a water-soluble nutrient like vitamin C.

For adults, Shaklee’s Formula I is a capsule that includes nine immuno-active ingredients.  Sure, you get these nutrients in your multi-vitamin, but I always tell people that when your body is under stress or fighting illness, it needs more than the RDA.  The RDA is based on having your body function normally without any real challenge.

Shaklee has a wide range of uniquely formulated and state-of-the-art products which build health at every age. Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Living abroad can be the catalyst to inspire natural health and wellness, because fitness will make all the difference. Living in a country where you may want to avoid having to see a doctor, you might feel much more confident and comfortable taking care of yourself and your health issues personally as much as possible.

Best of health to you and your family abroad,

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