It’s important to understand the mechanics and the science that makes up the immune system. Discover how your skin is literally a fence that is protecting you from invasion.

1. SKIN is a wall

Your skin is the largest “organ” you have. Skin provides protection from foreign invaders in several ways. Apart from the physical barrier, there are specialised cells of the immune system throughout the layers of the skin. Some of these cells detect invasion by foreign proteins, such as bacteria and viruses, and other cells have the function of destroying and removing such material.

2. Non-Specific are foot soldiers

What happens if the wall gets a hole in it? What if a nasty bacteria makes it over the wall? “Non-Specific Responses” are rallied. We like to call them the “Foot Soldiers”.

While they may be well-trained soldiers, they do not target a specific cell type… and are susceptible to supply lines of food and ammo.

3. Special Forces are the Biggest Line of Defense


Your body has been under attack, the foreign agents got beyond the wall and somehow were able to avoid or overwhelm the 2nd line of defense… the foot soldiers. That’s when your body calls in a “specific” immune response that we like to call the “Special Forces”.

This immune response are where the soldiers identify the enemy and try hard to surround and engulf them in order to get rid of them. This is done by chemical warfare (enzymes and chemical changes at the cellular level), heat (fever) and anything else it has available to defeat the invasion.