youre-invitedNo one wants to be sick during the holidays. And no one wants to go to the doctor or worse yet Urgent Care on Christmas Eve. So while you are preparing for the holidays, be prepared with these Shaklee products that you can take as preventative measures or at the first sign of a cough, tickle, sneezing, sore throat or an ache anywhere. 

Shaklee Immunity Formula I
We love Formula I It’s an super easy-to-swallow gel cap. One capsule contains nine key ingredients including six immunoactive vitamins and three minerals that support and build a strong immune system.  Three of those ingredients support healthy skin which is your first line of defense.  Formula I is Shaklee research and development at its best!
Take Formula I before attending a party or at the first sign of illness.
60 ct. SRP $22.45 #20241

Shaklee Defend & Resist
Many products on the market today may contain Echinacea, but you can trust Defend and Resist for quality and purity ~ no one does this better than Shaklee.  Shaklee created this botanical complex of herbs with Echinacea, larch tree and elderberry.  Keep Defend and Resist on hand to take at the first sign of illness. The tablets can be chewed, swallowed or dissolved in tea. Our favorite recipe we affectionately call Russian tea is Defend and Resist dissolved in warm Shaklee Lemon-lime Performance (great combination to increase hydration whilst putting your immune system into high alert and fight mode and it’s a beautiful color).   90 ct. SRP $20.35 #20613

Even if you have had the flu shot, it’s very wise to have these two products on hand for the holidays and through the winter months when you will for sure need to be prepared!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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