Holiday Dessert Table‘Tis the season when you can use all the help you can get!  From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Day, there are more treats and food than anyone needs ~ Italian Cream Cake (our family recipe is spectacular), pumpkin pie (recipe on Libby’s can), fudge (LOVE!), traditional cookies and cakes ~ it’s all good!

This indulgence affects your health by impacting your digestive system, your immune system and your energy. Our help for the holiday is to give you advice on the products that will make Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day the best ever!

Your Digestion

Digestion can be a daily problem for many people and can be worse during the holidays due to stress or eating. Look at the figures, you are not alone.  And look at our solutions.


Our Solutions

You will thank us for this! Most of us need this product. Essential, critically important, wonderful product, a miracle worker to keep your body in balance.

What we like about Shaklee HerbLax, besides the fact it is all natural with a botanical blend of herbs*, is that you can take one to four tablets depending on your personal situation. Even if you don’t feel constipated, take one HerbLax at bedtime every few days during the holidays or after having a heavy meal.  If you are prone to constipation, you can take more.  Millions of people have used HerbLax over the years.  It is a signature product of Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. The formula has not changed since he developed it fifty years ago. Dr. Shaklee felt that digestion was so critical to overall physical health, that HerbLax was one of the first three products that he developed.

In some countries at the end of a meal, the hostess will offer their guests a plate of herbs. In America, we say, “Would you like cheesecake?”  Every one of us can benefit from this product.

Safe, natural and effective.
#20144 60 ct. SRP $8.10
#20141 240 ct. SRP $25.50
*One-of-a-kind Shaklee HerbLax contains senna, licorice root, buckthorn bark powder, alfalfa leaf, fennel seed, anise seed, rhubarb root, blue malva flower and Culver’s root.
Where else are you going to get that for good digestion?

Optiflora #20639
Super-powerful probiotic that supports digestion and builds your immune system. Triple-encapsulated pearl to guarantee delivery of live good bacteria to your colon.

Stomach Soothing Complex #20601
Natural solution to sooth your stomach, thus the name.

EZ-Gest #20633
Digestive enzymes for more complete digestion of all food types: fat, protein, carbs including lactose.

Alfalfa #20153
Shaklee Alfalfa Complex is a storehouse of nutrients. The tap root of our organic Alfalfa plants reach down as deep as 20 feet searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil, while its leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the natural process of photosynthesis.  Shaklee meticulously harvests the leaves when the chlorophyll will be at its highest concentration in the leaf.  The result?  A supplement that your body will love for its health benefits to improve digestion and overall health and wellness.  It’s like opening a window to let fresh air inside.

These products will make a difference every day!

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