GET CLEAN is green!

Before you open the windows and start spring cleaning, make sure that when the job is done, your home will be healthy, clean AND green!

We bring you a full line of natural and nontoxic cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet®.

Get Clean® from Shaklee

Compare GET CLEAN to conventional and ready-to-use cleaners and you will agree that GET CLEAN is not only safe, powerful and green, but also smart!

Here’s how:

Safe – No harmful fumes or hazardous chemicals.  No borates, phosphates or any other “ates”.

Powerful – GET CLEAN outperforms 20 national leading brands.

Green – When you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit you make a positive impact on the planet.  Our product packaging and concentrated formulas mean that you will keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.  That’s a lot of packaging.  How can we do that?  We don’t package and ship water eliminating 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

And you will love the products!  So safe, so powerful, so green….so smart!!!

Choose your Healthy Home Kit here   Let’s get started – GET CLEAN!
Shaklee GET CLEAN Healthy Home Paks