Why use hazardous chemicals in your home? It’s time to go green and save money with GET CLEAN from Shaklee.

If you are using conventional toilet bowl cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, oven cleaners and bleach, did you know you are generating hazardous waste? Yes, that’s right – hazardous materials are being used IN YOUR HOME.  Does that make sense?  Why do that when you can use non-toxic cleaners that work great?  They are less expensive to use than chemicals cleaners and even less expensive than “making your own” recipes. Yes, that’s right!  Save money while you go about saving the earth from toxic chemicals.

SWITCH to GET CLEAN from Shaklee – a complete line of green products that will get the job done.

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Here’s how it works!  Think about what you are currently using.  Switch to Nature Bright and BASIC G Germicide to clean your toilet. Use Scour Off Paste in your sinks, showers and tub. Clean floor to ceiling, windows, glass and mirrors and anything that can be cleaned in water using BASIC H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.  Your laundry will be brighter and super clean with Fresh Laundry Concentrate in powder or liquid – we even have fragrance free.  Nature Bright uses natural enzymes and active oxygen to remove stains and we love it to brighten and clean the toilet bowl. Our Soft Fabric Concentrate is the Rolls Royce of softeners and we will show you how to use it so that it’s very economical. Our Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets do not put chemicals back on your laundry after you have just washed it!

GET CLEAN comes with a money-back guarantee. What’s not to love about that?

We’re proud that when compared to other brands, GET CLEAN is the leader.