Endometriosis is a serious condition where cells from the lining of the uterus grow elsewhere in the abdominal cavity. Pain and heavy bleeding are two of the most common symptoms. Because of heavy menstrual bleeding, iron deficiency anemia is common.

Natural Approach for Endometriosis

Endometriosis depends on hormonal imbalance ~ an imbalance that is sometimes called “estrogen dominance”. The good news is that we can do something about that. Women who follow these natural steps will not only receive relief from the symptoms of endometriosis, but will also improve their overall health.

  • Diet is important! Yes, it’s true…we are a supplement company, and the supplements we recommend are the best in the world, but you will not achieve good results unless you pay attention to your diet. Because some foods contain hormones that are harmful to you – remember, endometriosis is hormonal imbalance – we recommend that you avoid foods that contain growth hormones. Increase nutrient-rich foods and we can help you change your diet so that eating is enjoyable and fun!
  • Your body produces estrogen, but there are other substances that can have an “estrogenic effect”. Some of these substances are referred to as xeno-estrogens which means they are impacting your body in a way that acts like estrogen, except in a much more powerful way.  By switching to products that are not laced with chemicals from your personal care products to your cleaning products to the food you eat, you will be eliminating chemicals that wreak to your endocrine system.
  • Is soy worrisome? Sometimes soy is misunderstood because it contains plant estrogen. There’s that word again “estrogen”; however, these phyto-estrogens called soy isoflavones (Genistein and Daidzein) can actually have a protective influence because they are 1/100 to 1/1000 weaker than human estrogen. We understand the concern about soy.  It is a personal decision and whether you decide to add soy to your diet does not preclude having good results from following other recommendations we have. Click here if you would like to read more about soy, but no pressure!  We are truly into stress avoidance!
  • Weight is important! Body fat is a secondary production site for estrogen, so excess weight often means excess estrogen.
  • Shaklee supplements
    Below is a table with Shaklee supplements we recommend based on the severity of your situation. Yes, we believe your choice in brand makes a difference. If you wanted a pacemaker, you wouldn’t shop and say, “Give me the cheapest one.” Don’t do that when shopping for supplements. Shaklee is reasonably priced and worth every cent!

We are here to help you navigate the sea of pain and confusion that endometriosis can cause. We are here to listen to you and encourage you, because we know that a natural approach is the best approach to a life of health!

Kathy and Karen

Endometriosis Mild Moderate Severe
Shaklee Vitalizer for Women Essential ~ 1 blister strip daily Essential Essential
Shaklee Life Shake
Once or twice daily Same Same
Vita-E Complex 1 per day 1 / day first week
2 / day after first week
1 / day first week
up to 3-4/day after first wk
Shaklee GLA Once or twice daily Same Same
B-Complex 1-2 per day 1 per meal 2 per meal and bedtime
Sustained Release
1 per day 2 per day 3 per day

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We know that medications are sometimes necessary; however, all prescription drugs have potential side effects ranging from mild to severe. To lower the risk of these possible side effects, prescription drugs should be taken for the shortest period of time at the lowest dose possible. It is also important to know that most prescription drugs become less effective over time so when they are used for extended periods of time, your doctor may have to increase the dosage in order to maintain the desired results.

Surgery may be recommended; however, surgery doesn’t solve the underlying cause of endometriosis. By addressing the root of the problem, you will actually be supporting your body to heal itself. Otherwise, even with surgery, there can be future problems because hormonal imbalance can manifest itself in a multitude of other ways. Surgery is not a long-term solution; because it is addressing the symptom and not the cause of endometriosis.