You’ve seen detox programs… everything from drinking massive amounts of water, taking alfalfa and cleansing your colon. We decided to take a very common sense, comprehensive approach to “Detoxing Your Life”. After we analyzed the issues, it came down to the main things you need to detox is a trash can and a pen.

During the month of April, we’re going to spend some time detoxing your entire life. We’re not just going to get your liver in shape, we’re going to make sure your liver is living in a healthy body that is living in a healthy home.

One main focus is PREVENTION. Why are you needing to detox your body? Because it is exposed to adverse chemicals, foods and activities. Why not change your buying habits, your living habits and your thinking so that you aren’t exposed to the stuff in the first place?

Let’s start with:

Get out your trash can.
Throw out all of your expired medications.
Look at your over-the-counter medications with these facts in mind:

  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke by up to three times?
  • Tylenol is bad for your liver.
  • Sodium phosphate laxatives can cause dehydration or abnormal levels of electrolytes in the blood, leading to kidney damage.

Pharmaceuticals are a major topic that would require months of posts to properly cover just how dangerous the entire industry has become. We are NOT saying to stop taking your medications without physician’s knowledge and consent. We are saying it is time to look at the prescription medications you’re taking and figure out if there isn’t a natural approach to that health issue. Call and talk to us about the prescriptions you’re taking. We can come up with a plan that works with your current prescription program that has a long-term goal of having you prescription free.

Did you know there is a LandMark Study that is a clinical study proving that participants who took Shaklee supplements took far less prescription medications when compared to people who didn’t take supplements and people who took other brands! You can see the statistics here >>


Get your trash can over here.

Cosmetics are even worse because you wouldn’t expect something you put on your body every day to be that bad for you. According study conducted by the CDC, the average woman uses nine cosmetic products which exposes them to over 100 chemicals. Many of those chemicals have been linked to birth defects, breast cancer, hormonal problems, and reproductive problems. Thus, your next step is to get rid of your drugs and your beauty products and begin to look into more natural remedies for simple things and organic make up to make you look good.

Click on the image below for an enlarged version.

Detox-personal care products-kandk

Get out your pen!


Seriously, no joke. You need a pen. You need a plan. You need a promise.

Write down a promise from you to you. Write down specifically what you are going to STOP buying. Write, “No more ….”. THEN, you need to write your shopping list. Writing a shopping list for your life can be one of the most impactful changes you can make.

We tend to think shopping lists are for groceries. Nay. Nay. We need a list for our household items, personal care and beauty products. You’ll be amazed how it increases your focus on your decisions.

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