We’ve been talking about the things we can do to eliminate toxins in our life, now it’s time to use something a lot of you may not know can really help you detox… an ink pen.

Get out your ink pen

In today’s technology world, using an ink pen may seem a bit archaic, but it really is a different effect on your brain, your attitude and your outcome when you put pen to paper to express yourself and set goals.



Start with a Menu Planner & Shopping List

Make a weekly menu. From that menu, create your shopping list.

When you create your shopping list, check out products on your computer… read the labels and decide which ones you’re going to buy because they are going to improve your health.

Here’s a downloadable template to use >>menu-shopping-list-thumbnail

That gets the food out of the way.

Now go back to the previous blog posts about Detoxing your home. Make a list of products from Shaklee that will eliminate your exposure to toxins. Write down your goals on what you’re changing. Keep it so you can refer back to it to see your progress.