It’s easy to identify a chemical toxin that affects your body. And, with some effort and wise choices, you can make choices on products you buy that will truly reduce and eliminate your exposure to toxins.

We also need to understand that we can have “toxic” relationships, attitudes and situations that are also very detrimental to our mental and physical health. The infographic below explains the physiological actions that are taking place.


Get out your trash can

Let’s start with attitude. Your attitude can really, really, really make or break a situation. Learning what you can change in your life and accepting that which you can’t is a hard lesson to learn and even harder to live by. Take some of those bad attitudes and negative thoughts and trash them. Double bag them and put them in the bottom of the trash bin. If there are things that you just can’t seem to get rid of, consult with a good friend or even a professional therapist.

Then there are relationships… this can be a hard one. But it can also be the one that provides the biggest rewards. Relationships take work. Learn how to create boundaries with people to protect yourself. Learn how to be more forgiving (with others and yourself). There’s also some toxic relationships that truly cannot be redeemed. Only you can truly answer those questions.

i will not should on myself today

Get out your ink pen

Write down a “To Do List” for tomorrow. Just quickly run down the list and read it out loud.

When you say, “I should get the oil changed on the car, blah, blah, blah” just stop for a second. Here’s the basis for making all those action items into reality.

1. I NEED to ______________
2. I WANT to ______________

You probably will say, “I need to buy milk for the baby.” It puts it in the must do column because it needs to get done. Stop bellyaching about it, stop griping about, stop stressing about it. Just DO IT. Call it duty, call it discipline, call it detoxing. After it’s done, you truly will feel better about it.

If you want to do that particular thing, then what’s the dilemma? This isn’t a free pass to become a self-centered, selfish narcissist, it’s giving yourself permission to not only take care of yourself, but provide yourself with some of life’s pleasures.

Take your pen and write down the things you need to do and the things you want to do.

Include the following:

I need to order the following Shaklee products to improve my stress level:

Stress Relief Complex

Gentle Sleep Complex

B Complex