I love meeting new and interesting people!  Today I talked to a man who raises bucking bulls ~ yep, buckin’ bulls!  He had ordered a 16-oz bottle of BASIC H2 from Shaklee and I was given his name to follow-up with him.

I love this story ~ he had a bull that had stopped eating.  He had tried every bull supplement out there.  He had tried everything in the book that tells you how to get a bull to start eating.  He said, “I’ve tried every trick imaginable.  Then a friend told me that I needed to order Shaklee’s BASIC H.  When I went to the website to place the order, I called my friend and said, “What the heck?  This is a cleaner.”  The guy said, “Yep…but we have used it for years…it’s great!”

With only the anecdotal evidence, our new happy customer placed the order.  It arrived last Tuesday.  Today is Friday.  He said he added BASIC H to his bull’s feed on Tuesday ~ the bull ate it all.  Same thing Wednesday and Thursday.  He said the bull would have probably eaten all of his feed today, but he had to remove him from his pen because they were loading up for a show tonight and had to travel.  He said and I quote, “Now this bull is a very nice bull, but I have other bulls his age that are heavy and big and strong.  This one?  Well, he’s kind of like a gangling teenager.  He just needs to gain some weight like the others.”

We love hearing stories like this.  Like I told him, there are many people who use BASIC H in farming and ranching because it is a natural surfactant that breaks the surface tension of water.  I have another customer in Oklahoma that has used BASIC H for years with great success in establishing a farming and ranching operation which has been non-toxic for the land and animals.  And that’s no bull!

DISCLAIMER:  The Shaklee Corporation does not recommend or approve off-label use of BASIC H for farm animals.  This information is for your personal use and we do not assume responsibility for results achieved.