On this chart are symptoms you may currently be experiencing. An UNDER-Active Immune System can result in disease or infection; however, an OVER-ACTIVE Immune System can result in a host of autoimmune problems or allergic reactions.  Balance is key. Build and modulate your immune system at a cellular level with diet, rest, exercise and natural supplements from Shaklee.

Shaklee’s NutriFeron works to balance your immune system’s response while rapidly activating immune system defense.

70% of your immune system involves your gut (intestinal track) so make sure your digestive health gets what it needs. Shaklee’s Optiflora® is a unique two-product digestive health system that provides dietary support for normal, healthy intestinal microflora. Once the probiotics are delivered to the digestive system, prebiotics can deliver important nutrients that healthy intestinal bacteria need to grow and thrive.*

Shaklee products to balance your immune system:

Nutriferon (#20962)
An exclusive, patented, formula which provides a proprietary blend of four plant extracts designed to provide immune support by naturally increasing levels of interferon, a critical part of a healthy immune system.  NutriFeron is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the discoverer of interferon, world-renowned immunologist Dr. Yashuhiko Kojima.

Optiflora PRE & PRObiotic (#80638)
The PRObiotic contains the microflora that is essential for a healthy digestive system, which promotes a healthy immune system.  No refrigeration .  Can be taken with or without food.  Guaranteed delivery of live healthy bacteria.

VitaLea Multi-Vitamin/Mineral
Always start with a quality multi-vitamin. Shaklee’s VitaLea is formulated with or without iron,  and for 50+ (available with or without Vitamin K).  Shaklee performs over 346 quality control tests on every batch of ingredients in VitaLea.

Quality counts.

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