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It’s never too late to start.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you start eating healthy, start exercising and taking supplements, you can get healthier. The secret is 1) starting and 2) keeping with it. #lovethegame

Keep your eye on the ball

Don’t let other people distract you from your own game plan. This is your deal. #Bringit

Intimidating or inspiring?

You have to choose. Which is it going to be. Is that image going to get you off the couch or running for another brew?

Supplements can help

But there’s a lot of stuff on the market that will either not do you any good or, worse yet, can actually harm you. Why not go with a company who has the history and the science behind it. There are Olympic Athletes that allow Shaklee to be their nutrition company… that means they are literally putting their professional lives in the hands of Shaklee. #sportsanimal

Shaklee can power the weekend warrior or the Olympic athlete