4 Keys
to Better Health

Unlocking Better Health

may seem daunting. Which do you need? A healthy body? Naturally. A healthy mind? Of course. A healthy home? Yes! And everyone needs a healthy weight.

key_in_custom_text_13984 (1)For the past 100 years, Shaklee has been ahead of its time, innovating through science and looking to nature with breakthroughs that are now just a  part of our everyday lives.

One hundred years ago, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee invented Vitalized Minerals, one of the first multivitamin supplements in the world. Today, you will likely find multivitamins in any cupboard in America.

Back in the 60’s, when green was just a color, Shaklee developed one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners. Today, green is an entire movement.

Knowing that the same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside, it only makes sense that your skin and hair care comes not from a cosmetic company, but from Shaklee, the company that knows nutrition, inside and out. Shaklee created nutrition therapy for your skin.

Shaklee unlocks better health every day with life-enhancing products, such as Mind Works and Shaklee 180.

Your family may suffer from allergies, so you are focusing on alleviating the symptoms. Have you addressed the environmental impact of the toxic cleaners and products that are in your home and life? You may be wanting to lose weight and diets don’t seem to work. Have you considered adrenal failure and hormonal imbalances could be contributing?

You are unique, with unique challenges. So, while there are 4 keys to better health, they are interwoven and connected. That’s one reason you will appreciate the Shaklee approach.

Start unlocking better health!

Shaklee Life Plan

Healthy Body

From head to toe, we’ve got ya’ covered!

Healthy Mind

Health span means you are active and well. Mind span means you can think fast and remain sharp.

Healthy Living

Are you ready to do the green thing?

Healthy Weight

Time for a Turnaround. Are you ready to take your shape in a new direction?