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A healthier life doesn’t come in a package…
it comes in a program


The problem with conventional diets is that you lose muscle along with fat, slowing down your metabolism and making it easier to regain weight. Different from anything you’ve tried before, the Shaklee 180® Program is Powered by Leucine® and is designed so nearly every pound you shed is fat.*


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Shaklee 180 Product Sheet

More Fit and Fabulous in 2018

Now is the perfect time to take your first step to better health in 2018.  Shaklee 180 is a step in the right direction.  More Fit and Fabulous starts with the Shaklee 180 Starter Kit.   A simple healthy weight program Shaklee scientists, who are thankfully also...

Shaklee 180 Shopping Guide

The Basket List WHAT IS CLEAN EATING? Clean eating focuses on whole, unprocessed foods and can help optimize your health. Clean eating can be adapted to fit any dietary preference or requirement (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-gree, dairy-free, etc.) CLEAN EATING...

Shaklee 180 FAQ’s

For weight loss that lasts, it isn’t just about food and exercise alone—you need the right nutrition and the right support tools. Powered by Leucine®, our clinically tested products help you keep muscle you have, burn fat you don’t need and lose inches you don’t want....