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More Fit and Fabulous in 2018

Now is the perfect time to take your first step to better health in 2018.  Shaklee 180 is a step in the right direction.  More Fit and Fabulous starts with the Shaklee 180 Starter Kit.   A simple healthy weight program Shaklee scientists, who are thankfully also...

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Three Products to Survive the Holidays

Shaklee has the shake that meets your needs (and your taste buds)! Pumpkin Spice Life Energizing Shake is available as a fall favorite, but only while supplies last! Life Energizing Shake is a delicious, protein-rich soy meal shake with nutrients clinically proven to...

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Three Tips to Survive the Holidays

Let the holidays be a happy time. The holidays is the most difficult time of year not only to not eat the WRONG things, but to remember to eat the RIGHT things. Starting with walking past all of that Halloween candy that is now 75% off... up to not taking that 3rd...

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Gray matter. Your brain. It is a wonder of amazing proportion. With trillions of connections, your mind is the command center for every function of your body capable of simultaneously and instantaneously sending and receiving signals - senses and perception, learning...

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